Dr Marcus Tindall

Institution: University of Reading (School of Biological Sciences, Department of Mathematics & Statistics)


Background: Dr Tindall is a Mathematical Biologist who has over 15 years experience (including PhD time) working at the mathematical modelling/life science interface. His research work is focused on formulating and analysing mathematical models of biological and biomedical processes, more specifically in the areas of intracellular signalling cascades in prokaroytic and eukaryotic cells, gene regulatory networks, lipoprotein metabolism and cholesterol regulation and more recently, plant and crop growth. Much of his work is often applicable in the “Systems Fields”, e.g. Systems Biology, Systems Medicine and Systems Pharmacology. His group is presently funded by BBSRC, EPSRC, British Heart Foundation, University of Reading and industry, and in the recent past by the Biochemical Society and Nuffield Foundation.

Dr Tindall has experience of teaching mathematics to both undergraduate mathematicians (across all years) and more recently a new module on Systems Biology (3rd year Biological Science students) at Reading. He is a strong believer in that life science students must be motivated by the application of mathematics and its use, before they will engage more strongly and openly with mathematics as a discipline.

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