Dr Jenny Koenig

Affiliation: Lucy Cavendish College, University of Cambridge and Science ETC.

Dr Jenny Koenig

Websites: Lucy Cavendish College, Science ETC.

Twitter: @JennyAKoenig

Biological Background: My research background is in pharmacology particularly the effects of chronic drug treatment on cell responsiveness and the use of mathematical modelling in teasing out the impact of the different pathways. Much of this was in collaboration with the pharmaceutical industry (GSK, AstraZeneca).

Biomaths Background: I lecture and give small group tutorials on the University of Cambridge first year undergraduate course in maths for biologists. In 2004-6 I developed an entirely online course called “Essential Maths for Medics and Vets” in collaboration with the CETL in Reusable Learning Objects (www.rlo-cetl.ac.uk) and CARET (www.caret.cam.ac.uk). I also teach the mathematical parts of the pharmacology course, in particular receptor theory and pharmacokinetics have recently published two books “Drug-Receptor Interactions” and “A Guide to Pharmacokinetics Calculations”. I am an instructor on the British Pharmacological Society’s General and Advanced Receptor Theory course. In 2011 I published “A survey of the mathematics landscape within bioscience undergraduate and postgraduate UK higher education” which was supported by the UK Centre for Bioscience of the Higher Education Academy.  In 2013 I published with Nathan Pike (HEA) on “Perspectives from the UK and the US on integrating mathematics into the teaching and learning of the biological sciences in higher education.”