Dr Hazel Corradi

Hazel_stickAffiliation: Department of Biology and Biochemistry, University of Bath

Twitter: @HazelCorradi

Biological Background:  My research background is in protein crystallography and I have studied a range of proteins including several bacterial toxins and angiotensin converting enzyme, a key target for antihypertensive drugs. I currently teach spectroscopy, crystallography and protein structure to biochemists. My current teaching interests (apart from the maths!) are in student scientific literacy, and ways to support conceptual learning through classroom inversion and just in time teaching.

Biomaths experience: I run the informal maths workshops for 1st year biochemists who haven’t done A level maths. My current interest is, working with Dr. Barrie Cooper (University of Exeter), to use php to generate large random question banks for use within Moodle. From these large randomised question banks I can generate both formative quizzes and summative tests, meaning that not only do the students have plenty of practice questions, but that these also align with the exam.