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A MOOC for How to Learn Math(s)

I can thoroughly recommend the MOOC, by Prof Jo Boaler on the Stanford EdX platform “EDUC115N How to Learn Math.” It is available until Sept 27th and you can start it anytime until then. Whilst I have started other MOOCs … Continue reading

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Post-16 maths for employability

The Sutton Trust have just published a report: “The Employment Equation: why our young people need more maths for today’s jobs” by Professor Jeremy Hodgen and Dr Rachel Marks of King’s College, London which demonstrates the need for young people to continue to … Continue reading

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More equations = fewer citations: part two

This post was triggered by reading Michael McCarthy’s blog post on “Statistical Inference in Ecology”. In it he asks about writing a chapter on statistical inference for an ecology textbook and is trying to tackle that perennial problem: how much … Continue reading

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Post-16 maths – but not as we know it

The introduction of post-16 maths is in the news again with a report from the House of Lords committee on Higher Education in STEM and many of the headlines from the Guardian, Independent and Times Higher  have picked up on … Continue reading

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Prospects for post-16 mathematics

Report by Dr Jenny Koenig of a meeting organised by the Advisory Council on Mathematics Education (ACME) held at the Royal Society, London on Tues 10th July 2012. On 29th June 2011 Michael Gove, in a speech to the Royal … Continue reading

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More equations = fewer citations

Heavy use of equations impedes communication among biologists. PNAS published ahead of print June 25, 2012.  Tim Fawcett and Andrew Higginson, School of Biological Sciences, University of Bristol. Just published, an interesting article showing in a pretty quantitative way (naturally!) that the … Continue reading

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