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I specialise in science education and communication. Projects have included maths education for bioscientists, study skills for scientists with specific learning difficulties and pharmacology: bringing the science behind how medicines work (or don't!) to a wider audience. I have a PhD in Pharmacology from the University of Cambridge and a BSc (Hons 1) from the University of Sydney. I have taught maths and pharmacology to science, medical and veterinary students at University and biology, chemistry, physics and maths at a large comprehensive secondary school.

Recent publications in biomaths/stats

The Association for Science Education have recently published a really useful guide aimed at secondary school teachers but I think it will also prove to be very useful in HE and FE. It’s called the “Language of Mathematics in Science” … Continue reading

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Numbas: open source e-assessment system

I have recently rewritten many of the questions from the Essential Maths for Medics and Vets modules using Numbas – an open e-assessment system and this post is about my experiences of using Numbas. I am not a mathematician and not … Continue reading

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Transition Issues

Mathematical transitions: a report on the mathematical and statistical needs of students undertaking undergraduate studies in various disciplines. Jeremy Hodgen, Mary McAlinden, Anthony Tomei. June 2014.  Further information and detailed results of the project are available at the HEA website. This report covers issues … Continue reading

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Biomaths meetings

I think it would be useful to collect together information about meetings to do with biomaths – either research or teaching or both.  If anyone has been to a good conference do let me know (jk111 at – even … Continue reading

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School maths reforms

There’s been a lot going on lately with regard to reform of GCSE and A levels. Keith Proffitt of OCR has written a helpful summary. Keith is a member of the mathematics team at OCR (a UK exam board), responsible mainly … Continue reading

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A MOOC for How to Learn Math(s)

I can thoroughly recommend the MOOC, by Prof Jo Boaler on the Stanford EdX platform “EDUC115N How to Learn Math.” It is available until Sept 27th and you can start it anytime until then. Whilst I have started other MOOCs … Continue reading

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Does authenticity help?

Poladian L (2013) Does authenticity help in engaging life sciences students in mathematical models? IJMEST, 44, 865-876) The latest special issue of the International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology (IJMEST) has a collection of papers focussing on Quantitative … Continue reading

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