The Biomaths Education Network is a special interest group of the Higher Education Academy. It’s purpose is to bring together all those interested in maths and stats education within the biosciences from school through undergraduate degree programmes to postgrads and scientists working in industry. Our aims are:

  • To create a community of those interested in maths education within the biosciences to include those in schools, FE, HEI’s and industry/employers.
  • To encourage exchange of ideas and stimulate new methods of teaching maths for bioscientists in UK HEI’s.
  • To provide a link between bioscientists teaching maths with other organisations involved in maths education.
  • To encourage communication across the school-FE-HE divide to increase awareness of the increasing demand for quantitative skills in the biosciences and to involve industry/employers in this regard.
  • To publicise relevant calls for funding for teaching and resource development.

The Network is coordinated by Dr Jenny Koenig and Dr Dawn Hawkins.

Dr Jenny Koenig, now a secondary school science and maths teacher and previously Dean at Lucy Cavendish College University of Cambridge and education consultant with Science ETC, has a background in mathematical modelling in pharmacology and has been teaching undergraduate maths for bioscientists for 14 years. She is author of “A survey of the mathematics landscape within bioscience undergraduate and postgraduate UK higher education” supported by the UK Centre for Bioscience and Biomaths consultant for the Oerbital project.

Dr Dawn Hawkins is a senior lecturer in the Department of Life Sciences at Anglia Ruskin University and has over 17 years of experience teaching statistics to biologists in Higher Education. She is the author of Biomeasurement: A student guide to biological statistics, published by OUP and has been involved in a series of HEA funded projects designed to support the teaching of maths & stats in Higher and Further Education.

Meetings attended and talks given

July 2012: Rational Numbers: Investigating compulsion for mathematics study to 18, Pearson Think Tank at the London Mathematical Society. Invited oral presentation on “Contextualising Maths within Biosciences” by J Koenig.

July 2012: ACME (Advisory Council on Mathematics Education) Annual Conference, Royal Society London. Participation in discussion on post-16 mathematics by J Koenig.

June 2012: Making Biomath Happen, Arizona. Panel discussion “Bringing Students to the Math/Bio Interface” by J Koenig

June 2012: BioQUEST Workshop: Making a Difference with Data. Presentations on “incorporating maths into bioscience teaching” by J Koenig

June 2012: Biomaths Challenges, London. Presentations on “Building Confidence” by D Hawkins, “Finding, using and creating e-resources” by J Koenig and “A review of recent maths policy reports” by J Koenig.

Apr 2012: Higher Education Academy STEM Conference, Imperial College London. Oral presentation on “The Mathematics Landscape within Bioscience UK Higher Education” by J Koenig

Mar 2012: Society for Experimental Biology meeting “Researchers, Teachers, Learners” London. Poster presentation “The Mathematics Landscape within Bioscience UK Higher Education” by J Koenig

Jan 2012: ‘The Future of Statistics in our Schools and Colleges’  Royal Statistical Society London, by D Hawkins and J Koenig

Nov 2011: OCR Science Consultative Forum, Cambridge. Invited Presentation on “A Survey of the Mathematics Landscape within Bioscience Undergraduate and Postgraduate UK Higher Education” by J Koenig

Sept 2011: Do Science, Engineering and Technology Undergraduates have the Statistics Grounding They Need? Royal Statistical Society Get Stats discussion/roundtable meeting. J Koenig attended and contributed to discussion.

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