Biomaths meetings

I think it would be useful to collect together information about meetings to do with biomaths – either research or teaching or both.  If anyone has been to a good conference do let me know (jk111 at – even better, write a short blogpost!

In the meantime there is the BioQuest Summer Workshop coming up, June 21st – 28th  in Delaware. I was lucky enough to go to the 2012 meeting and it was fantastic. The idea is there are a few workshops on specific topics which give you lots of new ideas but the majority of the time you spend working in small teams actually developing teaching approaches or resources for something you want to use in your own teaching. There is some emphasis on maths/data analysis but it is aimed at a typical biology lecturer so it’s about communicating the maths ideas and concepts.

Some of the workshop topics this year include:
1. Interdisciplinary Biology, Mathematics, and Physics Education

2. BIRDD: Beagle Investigation Returns with Darwinian Data

3. Statistical Reasoning in Genomics

4. Two-species Interaction Models

5. Problem Based Learning in Biochemistry

6. Problem Based Learning in Integrated Biology and Chemistry

7. Modeling Phage in a Predator-Prey System

8. Investigative Case Based Learning Online: Big Data on the Chesapeake

9. The Biological ESTEEM Project (Excel Simulations and Tools for Exploratory, Experiential Mathematics): Hidden Markov Model and Evolutionary Bioinformatics

10. NUMB3R5 COUNT: Numerical Undergraduate Mathematical Biology Education

There is more information at the Bioquest website.

The bioquest website has lots of resources from previous years and the ESTEEM and NUMB3R5 COUNT sections are particularly good for biomaths.

About JennyAKoenig

I am Assistant Professor of Pharmacology, Therapeutics and Toxicology at the University of Nottingham. My interests are: maths education for bioscientists, study skills for scientists with specific learning difficulties and pharmacology: bringing the science behind how medicines work (or don't!) to a wider audience. I have a PhD in Pharmacology from the University of Cambridge and a BSc (Hons 1) from the University of Sydney. I have taught maths and pharmacology to science, medical and veterinary students at University and biology, chemistry, physics and maths at a large comprehensive secondary school.
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